2010-01-14 18:14:25 by QuiBears

So I am bored and what have you and I have been drawing new things so if you wanna talk you can either posty here or just message me :3 I just made Anthy from Revolutionary girl Utena...though i kinda made it look rather like reality rather then the fantasy that was that fake world that all of the characters were in. In this would be the scene where Anthy is gonna try and kill herself, yet note that she is not wearing the proper clothes from that scene for the reality of it is that Anthy was just using Utena! So tell me what you think :3


YAY I'm Kinda back!

2010-01-11 17:49:37 by QuiBears

YAYness so I have been drawing a bunch and i have a few new arts up, yet i need to be scouted yet again...*pouts* though I have been messing around with Corel Painter, which is against layering! *Le gasp* so if anyone can recommend any FREE programs kinda like photoshop let me know :3

Sorry everyone

2010-01-01 16:08:03 by QuiBears

Sorry I haven't been active...my computer crashed horribly and I lost EVERYTHING *cries* so I'll try and get some work done yet I have just been uninspired...

Ah Good Times...HA HA Birdman!!

2009-07-12 14:03:08 by QuiBears

Yes good times! As that guy from Harvey bird man would say, for the life of me I can't remember what that eye patched pervert's name was....*grumbles*

Well I am slowly transitioning myself to be a little more social, for the longest my social life consisted on Gaia Online and me working...I know i sound lame as hell yet after being emotionally and physiologically abused (i consider them both different) your social skills kinda burn up in flames...well I haven't been working on any art lately however next Sunday I should be drawing like crazy!


2009-06-25 22:22:27 by QuiBears

O.O wow I really need to get inspired...maybe I'll draw my slutty Dungeons and Dragons Character.

Quinvera the Tiefling!
She is a warlock of the Fey pact that can kick your ass while wearing clothing that brothel women wear. {yus she works at brothels like when she enters a town.}

She also hides rather important items in her cleavage to which the two of the three Dragonborn in the party try to steel those items just to get a feel for her...though they don't for they do not want to have to deal with the wrath of Quinvera's Contagion spell!
*giggles* yeah I'm gonna draw her.

*peeks in*

2009-06-21 19:25:30 by QuiBears

well um hai! I would just like to let everyones know that I am willing to do commissions! Though I am mainly good at drawing girls! So just Pm me if you would like me to make characters for your flashes or what not! I'm chill! Or Pm me for shits and giggles!


2009-06-19 22:44:11 by QuiBears

Ello and um...today is my first day with NG! *throws confetti* yeah um I am really happy to be apart of this rather epic place! So I just want to say hai and stuffs *giggles*